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Importante! Esaminatori non Italiani per Profic. Check, Skill test, AC, novita’!

Direttamente dal sito dell’ ENAC quoto e riporto:


FCL.1015 – Non Italian Examiners briefing

Administrative procedure

1. Introduction

Within Annex I to the European Aircrew Regulation, FCL.1015(c) requires all non italian examiners wishing to conduct skill tests (ST), proficiency checks (PC) or Assessments of Competence (AC) on italian licence holders to inform ENAC of their intention to conduct such an event, provide evidence of their privileges as examiners and to receive a briefing from ENAC on national administrative procedures, requirements for protection of personal data, liability, accident insurance and fees.

2. How to apply for the briefing

The examiner briefing by FCL.1015(c)(2) is web based and requires the Examiner to go through these administrative procedure and complete the registration form (attached to this note), scan it and mail it to the following e-mail address.

The subject of the email should be in the following format: SURNAME/REQEXBRIEFING.
The examiner must attach the following documents to the email:
Examiner Briefing Application
Scanned copy of his/her licence
His/her medical certificate
Examiner’s certificate(s) issued by the EU Member State
Tax code

Within 3 working days from submitting the request, the examiner will receive an email containing the briefing and the relevant instructions.
The examiner should fully acquaint themselves with the briefing and submit a signed declaration form within 7 working days of receiving the briefing.
Should an examiner fail to submit the declaration form within the 7 day period, he/she must submit a new request via email.

3. Fees

Pursuant to article 38 n 10 of ENAC Fare Regulation, the issue of the certificate of briefing completion costs € 265,20 please find following Enac bank details to be indicated in each transfer:

IBAN: IT 29 Q 01005 03309 000000218300
IBAN and SWIFT BIC have to be told to the foreign side.

Page updated on April 2nd, 2013

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